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To be considered for H100 membership, individuals must be nominated by an H100 Member in good standing and have demonstrated professional achievement and leadership, have board service and/or demonstrated readiness, and a commitment to community and giving back. The consideration process includes an application and interview. To remain in good standing, H100 members commit to annual dues, supporting the Latina Living Legend Awards and contributing to our H100 network. 


The Hispanic 100 is a network of DFW Latina Leaders who serve as a catalyst for increased participation of Hispanic women in employment, procurement and social issues. 


As a member of the Hispanic 100, we commit to sustaining our organization’s mission by giving of our time, participation in leadership roles and events, sponsorship and/or financial contributions. To remain in good standing, members must commit to:


  • Paying annual dues ($125)

  • Supporting the Latina Living Legend Awards in one of three ways: (1) as an active committee member, (2) as an event sponsor, (3) by securing a corporate sponsorship for the event

  • Engaging with H100 members, be it through participation in events, informal networking and/or mentorship


The membership committee will assess applications across multiple factors including:


  • Professional achievement and leadership: demonstrated achievement and senior leadership position and/or scope of responsibility in their chosen industry / profession (civic, nonprofit, corporate)

  • Commitment to community and giving back: demonstrated personal interest, involvement and impact giving back through volunteerism, philanthropy, fundraising, mentorship, sponsorship and/or other efforts 

  • Board service and/or readiness: involvement or leadership position in corporate, nonprofit, civic or other boards and/or demonstrated readiness for board service

  • Interest in the Hispanic 100: intent to strengthen our network by engaging with and actively contributing to the mission of the Hispanic 100

  • Sponsor Recommendation: impact statement provided by a Hispanic 100 member in good standing



A complete application includes:


1. Membership Application and Sponsor Impact Statement completed in the forms below.

2. Resume and/or Bio

3. Picture​


Once completed your sponsor should email the completed application along with the items above to



All new member applications require an H100 sponsor that is a member in good standing. You can expect the process to take 4 to 7 weeks from beginning through onboarding.


Thank you for your interest in joining H100! For any questions, please contact Linda Valdez-Thompson at

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