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H100 Key Priorities

Membership Engagement Committee

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for selecting and inviting new members and for keeping all records concerning membership.  The committee shall keep active membership information available for other committees of the Hispanic 100 and also be responsible for coordinating the annual New Member Reception.

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee shall be responsible for developing and enhancing the brand of Hispanic 100 by defining and delivering messages to the general public, board and with local and national audiences; including such actions as managing the website and social media, creating collaterals and key messages to create awareness of the organization’s mission.  The committee also manages all internal and external communications, including development and distribution of e-newsletters, and supports the marketing and communication needs for other committees of the Hispanic 100.

Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee shall be responsible for overseeing and reviewing grant requests on a semi-annual basis from qualified organizations and managing the selection and approval process.  The committee is responsible for coordinating one to two events that highlight grant recipients and elevate the awareness of the impact the Hispanic 100 has in the community through its grant partners.  The committee is also responsible for working with the Dallas Foundation and ensuring compliance with all Hispanic 100 program requirements.

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