About Us

The Hispanic 50 was organized in 1996 when local Latina leaders Delia Reyes, Bertha Outler, and Patricia Asip recognized the need for Hispanic women leaders in the Dallas area to unite and advance Latina participation in the business arena. The organization changed its name to Hispanic 100 in 2003 as its membership grew.


The Hispanic 100 is a network of Dallas area Hispanic women leaders engaged to help increase business development opportunities for Hispanic women-owned businesses and works to promote Hispanic women leadership in the private and public sectors. 

The Hispanic 100 membership consists of Latina women in Corporate positions (27%); Business Owners (27%); Public Office/Non-profit Organizations (18%); Lawyers (14%); Education (11%); Medical (2%) and Real Estate (1%).


Most recently, The Hispanic 100 has established an endowment fund that is used to support Latina educational initiatives.  The Hispanic 100 activities have included programs on issues affecting our membership, including private consultations with corporate leaders enlisting their support regarding our concerns and strategic goals.


Our Founders

Delia Reyes

Bertha Outler

Patricia Asip+

Our 2016 Board of Directors

Officers Committee Chairs

Cris Zertuche Wong


Diana F. Aguirre

Membership Engagement 


Suzanne Cruz-Sewell


Jessica Narvaez & Veronica Torres Hazley
Fundraising / Special Initiatives


Veronica Schnitzius


Catherine Cuellar & Veronica Perez-Thomison

Marketing & Communications

Patricia Rodriguez Christian


Ellen Castro & Gloria Tostado


Jessica Narvaez & Linda Valdez-Thompson

At-Large Members


Carmen Garcia & Lucinda Rocha


Veronica Torres Hazley
Immediate Past President



Hispanic 100   4447 N. Central Expressway, Suite 100-150   Dallas, Texas 75205

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